Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Hey readers! Only 17 more days until TBF! I know it’s beginning to get busy for many of us, what with AP exams and finals. So a short, light, fun book is probably in order for most of us, in which case I’d strongly recommend David Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy.

Paul lives in a rather idealic small town where everyone seems unafraid to be themselves – Paul was the third grade’s first gay class president, his friend Infinite Darlene is the school’s quarterback, and the cheerleaders ride Harleys instead of waving pompoms. Paul soon meets Noah, who just moved to town, and Paul can’t help but like him – a lot. And when they start going out, Paul thinks things can’t get any better. But after a misunderstanding arises between them, Noah dumps Paul. Will Paul be able to prove to Noah that he’s worth it, and will they ever get back together?

I can’t really accurately express how much I love this book, but I’ll try. Boy Meets Boy is 10 years old this year, but it’s still just as great, although hopefully not as groundbreaking, as it was then. The story and the writing are so charming and enchanting, and just draw you in; not to mention the incredibly full characters and the rich, perfect setting. Everyone I know who has read this book loves it, whether they’re straight or gay or whatever. Boy Meets Boy is simply amazing, and I’d definitely recommend reading I before coming to TBF. And after you’ve finished Boy Meets Boy, why not try Marly’s Ghost, Every Day, How They Met and Other Stories, or his newest book (with Andrea Cremer) Invisibility?  I hope you'll enjoy Boy Meets Boy as much as I did!

Happy reading!

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