Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interview with TBF author: Kevin Emerson

16 days until TBF!!

Before I share my interview with Kevin Emerson, author of The Lost Code, I want to give a happy birthday shout-out to TBF author Susane Colasanti! You can wish Susane a happy birthday on her Facebook page or on her blog.

I'm assuming a lot of you read The Lost Code because it's beautiful outside. Readers, if you haven't read it yet, hop to it! TBF is right around the corner.

Miranda Reads: The Lost Code is the first book in your new series, The Atlanteans. Can you tell us what this series is about?
Kevin Emerson: The Atlanteans is about teens in a distant future who are connected to the ancient past, and may be able to save the dying planet. Owen, age 15 and an unlikely hero, is awakening as an Atlantean, one of three. He lives in a future that has been ravaged by climate change, and there is little hope. The Lost Code takes place at Camp Eden, inside a biodome where the habitat is much like now. There is something hidden beneath the lake, and Owen must discover it, and the powers inside himself, before sinister forces can.

MR: How many books in the series are you planning on writing?
KE: This will be a trilogy, unless something unexpected happens. The second book comes out in May (The Dark Shore), and book 3 will be out in 2014.

MR: If you could choose one author (dead or alive) to co-write a book with, who would it be? Why?
KE: This is hard. Right at this moment I'm re-reading Hitchhiker's Guide, and I think it would be amazing to write a book with Douglas Adams. Not only was he funny and sharp, his science fiction ideas were fantastic.

MR: I heard a rumor that you were on a book tour with our TBF alumni, Cat Patrick. Is that true? If so, what has she told you about TBF?
KE: It's true! Cat and I are part of a YA tour called You Are Next, which we created with two other Seattle YA authors (Sean Beaudoin and Martha Brockenbrough). Cat says that TBF is amazing!

MR: In one of your five fun facts, it says that you play the drums and guitar with your band.  You also mentioned that you have toured across the US and England. How do you balance being in a band
and writing books?
KE: I'm too busy! Seriously, though, both writing and music feed off each other. When I'm stuck in a story, I go play some music and it frees my brain up.

MR: What author are you most looking forward to meeting at the 8th annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival?
KE: I can't pick one! There are a few that I already know who I'm excited to see, and then so many cool people to meet!

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