Friday, November 9, 2012

Every Day by David Levithan

I saw this book in the new section at my local library a few months ago & decided that I needed to take it out; after all, my friends have been bugging me for months to read David Levithan’s books. So I said what the heck, & I got it, & boy am I glad I did.

Every single day of his life, A has woken up in a new person’s body. He’s always been that way, and over the years, although he hasn’t come to like it, he’s grown to accept his difference. A’s learned to keep his distance from others --- if he doesn’t make friends, it won’t hurt to leave them at the end of the day. He’s abided by this one rule until the day he wakes up in Justin’s body and meets Justin's girlfriend Rhiannon. She’s unlike anyone else he’s ever met, & despite himself, A falls in love with her. After he leaves Justin’s body that night, he can’t get Rhiannon out of his mind, and he decides to try to find her again. But if A changes bodies every day, how could he ever hope to make her love him back?

I LOVED Every Day. I’ve read other books that Levithan has co-written, so I knew a bit what his style was like, but I loved reading a whole that he’d written by himself. In Every Day, I felt such a great connection with A. I think what appealed to me the most was that he has to try to figure out every single day who he is, over and over and over --- and what teen does not feel that extremely often?

Overall, Every Day is a book that I love & would totally recommend. You can visit David Levithan’s website here.This will be David Levithan’s third time at TBF (he came in 2007 and 2009), and I am extremely excited to meet him in May.
Happy reading!

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