Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Wasn't TBF incredible?! There were so many happy memories at the 8th annual TBF; Stephanie wearing a prom dress had to sing and dance during the opening ceremony, the TBF game show with host Guy Smiley (aka Charles Benoit) and the lovely 33 contestants, seeing our TBF mascot, Terry Trueman in a tutu, chatting, getting books signed, take pictures with the amazing authors and so much more!

So, tell us fellow readers what your favorite memory of TBF 2013 is by commenting below.

Now, Elizabeth and I would like to acknowledge: Thank you to the wonderful TBF sponsors; this special event would not happen without your support. Thank you to all of the publishing companies for sending awesome authors to Rochester; I can say that there's something exciting going on every year. Thank you to the TBF 2013 authors; you jumped on a plane and came all the way to Rochester. Meeting our celebrities was a dream come true. Thank you to all of the TBF volunteers; TBF would've have gone smoothly without you guys. Thank you to the TBF committee; you poured your heart and time to make this amazing, wonderful day possible. And lastly, thank you to everyone who followed the blog throughout the year.

Elizabeth and I will come back and chat about TBF 2014 once we have more details. There is already a set date for next year: Saturday, May 17, 2014.

Until then enjoy summer vacation and to read lots of books!

Miranda & Elizabeth

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