Friday, October 13, 2017

Top 3 Authors I Want To Meet This Year

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to kick off my second year of blogging with one of our new Friday Fun Posts. If you're like me you probably have our website bookmarked so you can check our upcoming authors often and so you have seen all of the amazing authors coming to TBF this year. Without further ado, here are the top three authors I want to meet at TBF this year!

Ellen Hopkins: Ellen Hopkins writes hard-hitting, young adult books about real issues, written in free verse that will captivate you with every word. Several of her books have been on my to-read list forever and since it was announced she was coming back to Rochester again this year I knew I finally have to pick up one of her books this year which I'm very excited to do so. From reading her website I've realized that she's just as honest as her books in the best way possible, and I'm so excited to hopefully meet her and talk about her books this year at TBF!
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Justina Ireland: 
As every author was announced in these past months I would excitedly look up their books and read all about them. As I started to read about Justina Ireland and her novels I was taken and I'm planning on reading Promise of Shadows as soon as possible. Greek mythology with a strong female main character who's also an assassin? Sign me up! Based on her social media Justina Ireland sounds as cool as her books do and I hope I can meet her and talk all about her and her books in May!
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Brendan Kiely:
If you're on the internet as much as I am you probably heard all of the (well deserved) hype earlier this year surrounding All American Boys by Brendan Kiely and Jason Reynolds, both who are coming to TBF this year which is very exciting! I'm reading one of Brendan's other books right now, The Last True Love Story, and I am really enjoying the story so far. His writing, reminiscent of John Greens, is a mix of humor, powerful quotes, and pop culture all wrapped up into one compelling story. Overall I am very excited to hopefully meet Brendan Kiely this year and talk about his books!
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