Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Book Review: Inside Out by Terry Trueman

Hi guys! Katie C. here with my first book review for TBF 2018!!! This week: Inside Out by Terry Trueman

You're worthless...You need to die, Wasteoid! Yeah, die, Wasteoid...

Zach Wahhsted is used to hearing these brutal words. But today he isn't the only one in danger of dying. 

A busy coffee shop, a robbery gone wrong. Two gunmen, nine hostages, flashing lights, itchy trigger fingers. And Zach, a seemingly ordinary teenager, is caught in the middle of the mayhem. 

But nobody realizes that Zach, who has no gun and no knife, has a mind more dangerous than any weapon.

Never what he seems and always on the edge, Zach is an unforgettable character in a new book by Terry Trueman that is  filled with the same shocking power and heartbreaking compassion as his Printz Honor Book, Stuck In Neutral.

This book was super short, but super super amazing! I'm really glad I picked it to review this year. Out of all the great things Inside Out had to offer, the thing that stuck out the most was the writing. The book is written from the first point of view of a kid with schizophrenia and it's done so well. From the way Zach talks, to the pattern of his thoughts, to the reaction and behavior of different people around him, everything is written in a realistic manner that doesn't come off as silly or discriminatory. A lot of research was put into this book and every word expresses just that.

In addition to fantastic writing, the plot itself was breathtaking and kept me turning pages. I read this entire book in one sitting, unable to put it down (for a very good reason)! The story starts off with a robbery and the events that follow are filled with a lot of suspense and plenty of plot twists, some that even I didn't see coming!

Finally, while this book had amazing writing and a super enjoyable plot, something that'll stick with me after reading this will be the characters. I love it when I read a book and every character just jumps off the page. This book was no exception. Every character was three dimensional and written well, but I especially loved how the two robbers were written. They could have easily been the stereotypical villains who were nothing but cruel and bad for the sake of being bad.Instead, however, Trueman wrote them with different personalities and goals and made them so much more real, showing the reader in the end how everyone has a different goals and issues to deal with and everything might not be as it seems.

This was just a great read and if you're into more serious books that explore deeper themes and real world issues, or just love any other books by Terry Trueman, I highly recommend you check this book out too!

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