Sunday, October 8, 2017

Three Authors I'd Love to Meet at Teen Book Fest

Hi guys, Kate G. here and even though it’s still fall, I’m definitely beginning to get pumped up for TBF. If you’ve been monitoring the TBF authors page as obsessively as I have, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of really cool writers coming to the event next May. It’s incredibly hard to whittle down a list and choose, but if I had to pick three amazing authors that I can’t wait to meet this TBF, I’d choose:
Margaret Peterson Haddix: I started reading books by Margaret Peterson Haddix when I was still in elementary school and I can still remember the concept of Among the Hidden-- a world where any child the third to be born in a family was illegal and had to hide to survive-- being incredibly chilling to me. More recently, Just Ella and Found are on my To-Be-Read list, and I can’t wait to finish them so I can talk with their author!
Tamora Pierce: Tamora Pierce is like a legend when it comes to female-powered fantasy YA. Literally, I've been waiting to read her books since forever and now I have an excuse. If anyone asks me why I'm not working on homework (high school senior problems, guys), I can say that I am-- "TBF preparation homework." Not to mention if you read her author bio, it's easy to see that Tamora Pierce sounds like one of the coolest people out there, a suspicion I'd be all too happy to confirm at TBF.
A.S. King: Last but not least, one author I really can't wait to see at TBF is A.S. King. I first met her a couple of years ago (at TBF, big surprise!) and since then I've read as many of her books as I could get my hands on. As one reading fan to another, if you like contemporary literature with on-point exploration of current issues or just anything so surreal and mind-blowing that for about half an hour afterward, you have to lie on the floor of your bedroom asking what even is life?, her books are for you. And, in person, she's just as cool as her books are, definitely setting you at ease if you get nervous meeting authors (as I tend to do). So basically if I'm going to conclude this I'll just say that if you see someone coming about 30 minutes early to get to A. S. King's author session or carrying a bag full of books that I need her to sign, that'll be me.
Wow, somehow, (and I did not believe that this was physically possible) just trying to pick three out of all the amazing writers coming to TBF has gotten me even more excited for the event. Happy reading everyone and keep your eye out for any authors that you'd like meet at Teen Book Festival this spring!

[EDIT: A.S. King will not be joining us at TBF in 2018 as her book tour is headed Down Under instead- those lucky Australians! :) - Carly]

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