Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Book review- What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle

Hey guys! It is Anica here back for another year of amazing books. I am thrilled to be here and I have a great book for you guys this week; What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle.

Image result for pictures of what happens now by jennifer castleAri Logan is battling to win her war against depression and the dark night she hurt herself on purpose. It's not easy: her best friend is drifting away, her mom's emotionally checked out, and she spends her days playing caregiver to her handful of a half-sister, Danielle. But it's summer, and anything is possible...
That's when Camden Armstrong steps onto the beach of Ari's local swimming lake. At first, Ari quietly longs for Camden from afar, seeing in him everything she wants to be. When the two discover a true connection the following summer, Ari lets herself fall not just for the quirky and self-assured Camden but also his friends, tumbling into their world of independence, adventure, and shared sci-fi fandom. As Ari's romantic dreams come true, she must unlock the mysteries of the very real and troubled boy behind her infatuation, while also struggling with her own demons, obligations, and loyalties.From the acclaimed author of The Beginning of After and You Look Different in Real Life, What Happens Now is a touching, insightful novel about learning to heal, learning to love, and what happens when fantasy becomes reality.


I have to admit I am not much of a realistic fiction person, but this book pleasantly surprised me. It is a quick read, which is good seeing that I am in a reading slump. I loved all the charecters. Her little sister was so cute. They all had really unique, different personalities that I don't see too often in books. I love that they were so into their fandom. I, being a big fangirl myself loved seeing this in a book. There were so many cute little moments when they were talking or making costumes that my heart just wanted to melt. At the same time there was such a wonderful discussion of mental health and I definitely cried a few times. One of my main problems with realistic fiction is that there never seems to be any real problem expect heartbreak, and that isn't true in this novel.

This is the part where I am supposed link you to books like it but I honestly don't know what books to compare it to seeing that I pretty much never read realistic fiction. However my geuss is that anything by Jennifer Castle is amazing and if this sounded good to you at all I would definitely recommend you pick this book up.

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