Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks

Only 20 more days until TBF! If you’re still trying desperately to read as many books as you can before the festival (I know I am), why not try a fun, short book that you’ll be able to read in an hour or less? Because Faith Erin Hicks' Zombies Calling fits right in to that description – and on top of that, it’s a witty graphic novel too!

Joss is in the middle of university exams, and she can’t imagine life could get much worse. So to get her mind off of things, she and her two best friends watch and discuss zombie movies, imagining what it’d be like if zombies actually DID exist. And before she knows it, Joss actually is trying to fight off the zombies that have suddenly appeared on campus. With all those creatures screaming for brains, will they be able to make it out alive?

Zombies Calling is one of the best graphic novels I’ve ever read, and I don’t even usually like graphic novels very much. Zombies Calling is witty, hilarious, and fun, in both its dialogue and its illustrations. It’s half satire and half adventure, and completely worth the ride. This is one book that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a great story, whether or not you like graphic novels --- I was really impressed.

Check back soon to see a review of Faith Erin Hicks' new graphic novel with Prudence Shen called Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. I hope you’ll come see Faith Erin Hicks at TBF on the 18th!

Happy reading!

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