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Interview with TBF author: Lisa McMann

Hey readers!

29 days until TBF!!! Less than a month away.

I know Lisa McMann is excited to come back to Rochester this year. Last time we saw Lisa at TBF was 3 years ago. Crazy, right?!

Miranda Reads: Wake, the first book in the Dream Catcher trilogy, has been opted as a movie. Is there any news about the movie that you know of?
Lisa McMann: Paramount's two year option on the WAKE trilogy came up in March, and they have renewed the option for another 18 months. They had a script but are now looking at going in a different direction with the project. As with all film options, the chances of all the stars aligning and an actual WAKE film being made are small. Keep your fingers crossed!

MR: Crash is the first book in the Visions trilogy. It follows the chaotic life of Jules Demarco. Aside from seeing visions about dead bodies, Jules is the typical teenage girl: she thinks she’s a loser, has demanding commitments to work at Demarco’s Pizzeria and she’s secretly been in love with Sawyer, the popular, charming guy at school (also happens to be the son of the Angotti family, the
Demarco’s restaurant rival). Was it hard to write the perspective of “Jules, the girl with crazy visions” and then switching to “Jules, the typical American teenage girl”?
LM: Not hard at all. My main characters tend to be ordinary teens who just happen to have one extraordinary ability or problem, so I don't really see Jules as having two different perspectives--she's just a girl who is forced to take on one more isolating kind of thing than the other characters have to deal with. Her particular isolating thing just happens to be slightly supernatural.

MR:  For readers who have read Crash and dying for more (including myself) do you have a release date set for the second book?
LM: Yes! BANG, book 2, will be out October 8, 2013.

MR: What is your favorite Italian dish?
LM: Pasta Carbonara is probably my favorite because, well, who doesn't love a little bacon and egg in their pasta?

MR: One of your five fun facts implies that you are a Survivor fan. Let’s pretend that you’re on the show. What 3 authors would you want to compete against in Survivor? Why? (P.S. TBF author, Andrew Fukuda is a Survivor fan too. There’s a slight possibility that he’ll want to compete against you and the other authors on the show…)
LM: I am definitely a Survivor fan, but I'm not sure I'd actually want to compete against anyone because I'm kind of a klutz and sure to lose, so I have to be strategic about this... Definitely not Ellen Hopkins, because she would kick my butt. And definitely not David Levithan, because he knows too much about my past, which could throw me off my game. Margaret Peterson Haddix would most certainly beat the snot out of me in either a physical or mental challenge, so I'd vote her out week one. I could probably manipulate Terry Trueman, though. Matt de la Pena is quite possibly nice enough to let me win, so he's an option. And I'd choose Sara Zarr, because we'd probably just get to talking about philosophical stuff and the timer would run out. I will reserve judgment on this shady-sounding Andrew Fukuda chap until I have a chance to observe his game--I mean, for all I know, he could go all Brandon Hantz on us and that wouldn't be good for the children.
MR:  What author are you most looking forward to meeting at the 8th annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival?
LM: The cool thing about book festivals like Rochester TBF from the author's perspective is that we end up meeting other authors we have no idea we'll click with, but then we just do, and we form friendships that really last--it's pretty awesome. In looking at the TBF list, I see a dozen names of authors I've met already, and I'm extremely excited to see all of them again. I also see a few names of people whose books I've enjoyed and I'm really excited to meet, like Kate Brian, Lauren DeStefano, and Tom Angleberger. And chances are pretty good that I'll make some really great friends where I least expect to. So I look forward to that surprise as well. It's going to be a fantastic event all around. Can't wait to see everybody!
We can't wait to see you Lisa!
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