Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hello TBF readers!

It’s been almost two weeks since TBF 2016! I still have a ridiculous smile on my face because I have so many happy memories from TBF! There are so many people to thank for making TBF happen so here we go!

THANK YOU…to the 31 authors who traveled long and far to come to Rochester! You have changed our lives forever by talking to us, signing all of our books, taking pictures with us and just being there. You have touched all of our hearts! Please come back someday!

THANK YOU…to the various publishers who sent and supported all of those wonderful authors! We hope that you know that your authors have treated like the rockstars that they are. We love your authors and their books.

THANK YOU…to all who have donated to TBF! Your support for TBF means the world to us! TBF would not be possible without you! We can keep the event FREE for all who attend. Every teen from different backgrounds can come together without fear and share the love for books!

THANK YOU…to the TBF volunteers! You gave up your whole day to help run this huge event run smoothly. You helped bring a smile to the authors and attendees faces!

THANK YOU…to the fantastic TBF Committee! These wonderful people worked all year to help plan and bring you TBF. They are dedicated to bring happiness and spread the love of reading. Without their passion and dedication, TBF would not be possible.

THANK YOU…to Stephanie Squicciarini! You have seen this remarkable and amazing woman. Stephanie is the woman behind TBF. Without her, we would not TBF. We would not have an awesome teen book festival right here in Rochester. We wouldn’t have the wonderful memories at TBF with the authors or other teens if TBF did not exist. She has been working ELEVEN hard years to make sure that TBF is what you imagined.

And lastly, THANK YOU to YOU! Yes, you! TBF is about you! TBF is about bringing the Rochester community together. It amazes me that so many people attend TBF each year. It once was an itty bitty teen book festival and now it bloomed into a big festival! Without your endless excitement for TBF, it would not continue to be an event to look forward to.

If you attended TBF this year, please fill out this survey! We want to help make sure TBF is perfect for next year and we can’t without your help! The due date for the survey is June 3rd. Also tell us which authors you want to see at TBF 2017!

Thank you all so much! I will talk to you all soon!


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