Friday, May 13, 2016

TBF Author Bio: Rachel Hawkins


Are you guys excited?! To celebrate the fact that TBF is TOMORROW, Katie will share some fun facts about TBF Author, Rachel Hawkins! Take a look:

Looking for sass, superpowers and strong leading ladies? Search no further as Rachel Hawkins is your woman. Author of the wonderfully hilarious Rebel Belle series about a homecoming queen forced to protect her arch nemesis and Hex Hall which she describes herself as "... if you got sent to Hogwarts, only it TOTALLY SUCKED, ” she has a similarly fantastic sense of humor in real life (just wait until you find your time sucked away stalking reading her tumblr).
Here are ten fabulous facts about Rachel Hawkins:
  • Obviously, she’s a big fan of spooky tales and names R.L. Stine, Stephen King, and Lois Duncan as some of her favorite authors.
  • She was born in Virginia and now lives in Alabama.
  • She is married to a geologist.
  • Her favorite Southern slang is “bless your heart.”
  • She got stabbed with an arrow when she was 5.
  • Some of the fandoms she’s in are Doctor Who and Game of Thrones.
  • She knits (Apparently very badly…)
  • She once was a high school teacher that had to help seniors understand works like Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales.
  • If she ever was in a beauty pageant, her talent would be monologuing.
  • If she only could use one word to describe herself it would be “shenanigans.”

Make sure to visit Rachel Hawkins and other authors at TBF which is less than ONE WEEK AWAY! :)

Thank you so much, Katie!

See you all, tomorrow!

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