Friday, May 6, 2016

TBF Author Bio: Terry Trueman

Happy Friday!

It’s not many authors that receive a Printz Honor for their first book but, then again, Terry Trueman isn’t most authors. In 2001, Stuck in Neutral, the story of a kid with cerebral palsy who lives right on the edge between life and death, got its first success of many more to come.

Of course, however, a fascinating book deserves a fascinating writer which is exactly who Terry Trueman is. Here are ten fun facts about the author of Stuck in Neutral, Cruise Control, Inside Out, No Right Turn and Life Happens Next.
  1. He originally started writing at seventeen.
  2. His writing role model is Charles Bukowski, a poet.
  3. For that matter, Stuck in Neutral originally started out as a poem about his son Sheehan.
  4. He lives in Spokane, Washington... (Pretty far from Rochester, eh?)
  5. … But was born in Birmingham, Alabama.
  6. He has one dog whose name is Rusty, and says he likes dogs as long as they aren’t barking (Fairly relatable).
  7. He likes corvettes.
  8. He prefers to start his writing in the center of tension and loves revising.
  9. For Stuck in Neutral, he has mentioned that he revised it a minimum of 50 times.
  10. Writing has always been his dream job, and especially after Stuck in Neutral, he has really began to see how much he loves it.
Enjoy and get excited! TBF is only in one month!


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