Monday, April 28, 2014

Interview with TBF Author: Michelle Madow


I hope you guys are more excited for TBF than Elizabeth and I are! Without any further delay, please meet Michelle Madow, author of the Secret Diamond Sisters.

Miranda Reads: Which Secret Diamond Sister do you most relate to?

Michelle Madow: There are SO MANY differences between these three girls. Peyton is the oldest, the most stubborn, has taken the brunt of the difficulty of dealing with an irresponsible mother who recently spiraled into alcoholism. She hasn't gotten over a certain heartbreak, and has trouble trusting anyone anymore. Courtney is the responsible, goal-oriented sister, who oftentimes acts as the mediator between Peyton and Savannah, and has put school and work before having friends or a boyfriend. Savannah is the youngest and most naive -- she's been protected by her sisters -- and is very innocent in comparison to them, but it also leads to her being an optimist who always believes the best in everyone. When I was in high school, I related the most to Savannah, but nowadays, I'm definitely the most like Courtney, because of my focus on writing and how I put it before anything else in my life.

MR: I'm dying to read the sequel to the Secret Diamond Sisters, Diamonds in the Rough. When will it be released?
MM: Thank you! It comes out November 2014. [MR: Psst! Check out the stunning cover of Diamonds in the Rough on Michelle's blog!]

MR: Who are your top 3 favorite YA sisters?
1) My original favorite YA sisters were Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield from the Sweet Valley books. I read tons of those books when I was younger! I always preferred Jessica because she made mistakes that got her into such interesting adventures. 
2) Elizabeth and Diana Holland from the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen. 
3) They're not sisters by blood, but Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir from Vampire Academy have such a strong bond that they always struck me as more sisters than best friends, and I loved reading about them through the series. 

MR: One of your five fun facts says that you listen to Taylor Swift all of the time. What's your top 3 favorite T-Swift songs? Also have you seen her in concert?
MM: My favorite Taylor Swift song is definitely "Love Story," since it's the song that inspired my first novel, Remembrance! Other than that, I have a really hard time picking my other two favorites, because I love all her songs SO MUCH! Probably Long Live, because I find it so inspirational, and Forever & Always, because it's so fun to jam out to. And yes, I've seen Taylor in concert -- I think I've seen her around six times! I really love her shows :) 

MR: Let's pretend you're on the talent competition show, America's Got Talent. What talent would you perform?
MM: I'm sadly not talented in anything involving the stage. I'm an okay singer, but not good enough that I could be professional. I can strum a few chords on guitar, but I'm unfortunately not very good at playing it. I CAN do the Cups song from Pitch Perfect, so I guess I would do that! I even have a YouTube video of myself doing it that you can watch here:

MR: What author are you most looking forward to meeting at the 9th Annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival?

MM: Ann Brashares, because I was a huge fan of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series when I was in high school!

Thanks Michelle! See you in 18 days!
That's it for now. Make sure you come back here for more author interviews and book reviews!

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