Monday, April 14, 2014

Interview with TBF Author: Ann Brashares

33 DAYS UNTIL TBF!!!!!!!!

Let's not delay a very exciting interview. Please welcome, Ann Brashares, author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Miranda Reads: You have a new book coming out, The Here and Now. What is it about?

Ann Brashares: It's about a girl named Prenna James and a boy named Ethan Jarves. She's an immigrant from the year 2098 and he's a pretty regular 18 year old who discovers her strange secret.

MR: Is The Here and Now part of a series or is it a stand-alone?

AB: I wrote it to stand alone, but I got attached to the characters, so I leave open the possibility of writing more.

MR: What is it like to write a sci-fi/contemporary novel since the previous books you wrote were contemporary?

AB: I love playing with time, but it is tricky. Once you start bringing people back, the future splinters and you've got all these possible worlds to contend with. 

MR: One of your five fun facts says that you when you were growing up you had a ton of pets. What was it like having so many pets? Did you adopt most of them? Was there a pet you were attached to the most?

AB: I tended to love the sweet and fuzzy pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. We had many of those and they all seemed to have babies. I loved our dog Maggie especially. My three brothers were the ones who got the slimy, scaly, multi-legged, poisonous, and weird pets: pirañas, snakes, lizards, tarantulas, etc. We also had a bird named Word.

MR: Let's pretend you're on the talent competition show, America's Got Talent. What talent would you perform?

AB: I have very little talent, to be honest. I used to be pretty good at mirror writing--where you start from the middle of the page and write the same words forward with one hand and backward with the other--but I'm pretty rusty. I would not make it on that show.

MR: What author are you most looking forward to meeting at the 9th Annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival?

AB: I am looking forward to meeting so many of them! I can't believe how many amazing authors will be there. I fear I will be tongue tied. Two at the top of the list are at the top of my list: Laurie Halse Anderson and Jay Asher.

Thanks for chatting with me, Ann! See you in May!

That's it for tonight, readers. Make sure check back here on the blog for more author interviews and book reviews!


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