Friday, February 7, 2020

Three TBF Authors That I Can’t Wait to Meet

Hey, everyone! It’s so exciting to be back and so exciting to be talking about one of my favorite subjects once again! This year’s TBF has a bunch of powerhouse guest authors and let me tell you, I am already dreaming about getting to meet them. However, there are three authors that I am particularly thrilled to meet…
Without further ado, here are the top three authors that I am counting down the days to meet:

  1. Sandhya Menon, author of When Dimple Met Rishi
Okay, so let me give a full confession. I read When Dimple Met Rishi on my phone in a day (I usually go for paper books, it takes a great book to hold my attention on the small screen of my phone). And that book caused me to fall in love. The romance between Dimple and Rishi is just so adorable. Their initial dislike, made so much more awkward by the fact that they are matched by their parents to be married, makes the story thrilling. And the melting of their initial dislike… it’s so adorable. I can’t wait to meet the author behind this genius book. And not only is she an incredible author, she's "mom" to an adorable dog and cat! I’m so excited to ask her how she breathed life into such a wonderful relationship as that of Dimple and Rishi and if her pets are ever going to make a cameo!

  1. Claire Legrand, author of Furyborn
So… I already met Claire Legrand back in the olden days of 2018. It might be cheating slightly to include her on this list, but I do it for good reason. I can personally attest that Clarie Legrand is an incredibly cool and incredibly kind person. I got to be the author assistant for Roshani Chokshi that year (best job ever, absolutely life changing, by the way) and she was partnered with Clarie Legrand. I can honestly say that Claire Legrand has a phenomenal sense of humor. And, since 2018, I have gotten a chance to read Furyborn, which is such an entrancing book. In fact, I might have to beg her to tell me the ending of that series because I have been on the edge of my seat with the wait. The way that the stories of Eliana and Rielle are woven together is truly amazing. The time travel and the romance and the magic make the book shine. I’ve also had the pleasure of reading Sawkill Girls (stay tuned for my thoughts on that) and, while it is completely different from Furyborn, it is bone chilling and phenomenal. Speaking as someone who generally avoids horror books like the plague, Clarie Legrand truly has the perfect dose of spooky threaded in the plot. I am so excited to get to see Claire Legrand again and, this time, beg her to let me in on what happens to Rielle and Eliana.

  1. Ryan La Sala, author of Reverie
I have not gotten the chance to read Reverie yet but I am looking forward to it. The dreamlike writing sounds fantastic. And the different places and times that the plot moves into seems quite riveting. Ryan La Sala himself says that the book is about what happens when a person gets lost in their head. As a compulsive dreamer, I can’t wait to see how he handles the peculiar world of the mind. One of my favorite classics is The Sound and The Fury because of its stream of consciousness narration, and it seems that this book might (in an incredibly different way) take a look at the consciousness. I'm so excited! And I have to say, he seems like a cool author. I certainly enjoyed reading his interview about Reverie

I can’t wait for May! TBF 2020 is coming quickly!

Stay warm this February (if possible in snowy Rochester)!
Until next time!


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