Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Fun Post: Books I Want to See on Screen

Hello everyone! In recent years, many well-deserving YA and middle-grade novels have been transformed for the screen, and so many more are in the works (e.g. Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone/Six of Crows series!) And while I sometimes do prefer just having a book and my imagination, I can’t deny that I’m curious to see some screen adaptations too. Here are three novels I would love to see on screen:

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart: First of all, I’m surprised this book hasn't been made into a movie yet considering how well-known (and well-loved) it is. This story is so timeless and unique, and while the world and circumstances are full of whimsical and enigmatic elements, the characters themselves are down-to-earth and their experiences and feelings are easy to connect with. I love this book because the plot and the writing are so clever, heartwarming, and full of adventure while still having suspense and menacing plot twists. And looking back now, a lot about the story seems to have a deeper meaning- the Emergency, the Whisperer, etc.- it truly is a novel for all ages. The style of The Mysterious Benedict Society is so different and unusual from other middle-grade novels I’ve read, and it would definitely have a lot of potential as a movie.

Find The Mysterious Benedict Society in the Monroe County Library SystemBarnes & Noble, and Amazon.

The Lunar Chronicles (Book 1: Cinder) by Marissa Meyer: This is another series that I loved when I was younger that I still enjoy now. I love mashups of genres- in this case, fantasy and science fiction- and the fact that it's also a series of fairy tale retellings makes it so much more interesting and unique. I would love to see the portrayal of the characters, the technology, and the futuristic world, and it would be refreshing to see a sci-fi novel that isn’t necessarily dystopian on screen. I think these books could be adapted into either a movie series or a TV show series, but I’m leaning toward a TV show because there is a lot of material to cover, especially with all four books (and a prequel) and the many, many characters.

Find Cinder in the Monroe County Library System, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen: I normally don't gravitate toward realistic fiction, but I really love this book. What strikes me the most about this story are the characters- all of them are so different and well-developed with their quirks and hobbies, and I just love the dynamic of the novel- the combination of the characters, their interactions, the setting, and the events depicts life in such a realistic and relatable way. I’m usually drawn to complex, immersive novels, which for me usually ends up being fantasy or science fiction, but The Truth About Forever truly portrays the complexities and chaos of everyday life. It’s a fun, heartwarming, and moving story with a simple underlying message of knowing when to move on, and it’s definitely a book would translate well on screen. I could definitely see this as a late summer movie.

Find The Truth About Forever in the Monroe County Library SystemBarnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Hopefully these novels will be adapted for the screen one day, but in any case, you should read the book first :) See you next time!  


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