Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Fun Post: Dear Rachel Hartman

Hey TBF readers! It seems that spring has finally sprung around here, an you know what that means. Flowers, allergies, and most of all, TBF! That's right, our big event is only a few weeks away! In the meantime, I have a great post for you today, so read on and get excited! TBF is almost here!

Dear Rachel Hartman,

I haven't been a fan of your books for very long now, but they captured my attention immediately. As I read Seraphina, I knew I was in love with your characters, your writing, and the world you had created. I have always been a big fan of dragons above many other topics within the realms of fantasy, and your take on the creatures and characters were truly fascinating. I loved how Seraphina and all the other half dragons were brought together and I really connected with each step of the journey she took to really find her place in the world, having always been an outcast. I found reading your books a great relief between doing schoolwork and sleeping. Sitting with a good book has always put me at ease and your's is easily one of the best. I haven't yet gotten a chance to read Tess of the Road, but I really am looking forward to another adventure in Goredd, with all new characters and dragons to get to know. You can't imagine how overjoyed I was to hear you'd be joining us at TBF this year. I hope you really enjoy TBF when you come. Rochester, and Nazareth College's campus, can be very beautiful in the springtime and you'll also have plenty of volunteers around on the day of TBF to help with anything you may need. Rochester has such a strong community of readers, and everyone is already so excited to meet you. TBF is coming up on us fast, so I hope to be able to meet you very soon!

Warm Regards,

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