Saturday, April 21, 2018

Letter to Alisa Kwitney

Hi everyone! I know that this April has been rather cold and rainy in Rochester. However, there is some good news, TBF is only one month away. I am so excited to get to meet all of the wonderful authors that are coming to TBF this year, but I am particularly excited to meet Alisa Kwitney, the author of Cadaver and Queen. I got lucky enough to get this fantastic book as an ARC and I knew from the first page that it was going to be one those books that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. In a previous post I reviewed Cadaver and Queen so if you want to know more about the story you can check it out. I highly suggest that all of you read Cadaver and Queen as soon as possible because it truly is fantastic. Because of my intense love of Alisa Kwitney’s book, I decided to write her a letter to put my incredible excitement of meeting her into words.

Dear Alisa Kwitney,
First of all, how did you come up with this fantastic idea for a book? A romantic retelling of Frankenstein with themes of empowering women that is so well done I found myself wishing that there were ten more similar to it waiting on my bookshelf the second I finished? Sign me up! You will absolutely love TBF, one of the best events in Rochester. Trust me, us Rochestarians love to read and enthusiastically discuss books. Don’t be surprised if multiple people want to talk about the little details in Victor and Lizzie’s life. For example, what are Lizzie and Victor’s favorite books? (Perhaps Frankenstein?) Do they enjoy solving mysteries together as a pastime or was it just a one time thing? Are they still together, study in school and cutting up cadavers? Have the teachers finally started to respect Lizzie for the fantastic person she is? And the ever important question, will there be a sequel? I am hoping that the answer to this question is yes because I really want to read more about Victor and Lizzie. In fact, I will probably be one of the people eagerly asking these questions and a million more. When I found out about Cadaver and Queen, I was so insanely excited to read it. Of course, that was a few months before it came out so I had to grudgingly be patient (I will admit that patience is not my strong suit when it comes to books). When I got the book, I was so excited that I immediately had to begin reading it. From the first page, I knew that I would have a fantastic next few days immersing myself in Victorian England. I think that my favorite thing about the book was the theme of empowering women that you brought into the story and that the main character was a brainy and independent female inventor in Victorian England. I never thought that someone would attempt a feminist retelling of Frankenstein, mainly because the idea never occured to me, but I am so incredibly happy that you did. The story turned out truly fantastic and the characters were incredibly three dimensional. I wish that I was friends with Will and Aggie. I truly wish that I knew someone like Victor, who experienced fascinating character growth throughout the story. Of course, the star of the story was Lizzie with her fierce and stubborn intelligence. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lizzie grow and learn about herself throughout the story. I cannot wait to get a chance to meet you and discuss all of these things with you in person. I am counting down the days until TBF (27 to be exact).
Best Wishes

I hope that all of you get a chance to read some amazing new books this April! Until next time!


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