Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book Review: Snow Job by Charles Benoit

Hello TBF readers,

I recently read TBF Alumni Charles Benoit's newest novel, SNOW JOB over the weekend (and dodging schoolwork). Take a look:

Does who you are in high school brand you for life?

Nick sure hopes not. It’s senior year, and he has decided that his loser friends may be going nowhere fast, but he isn’t. Instead, Nick has created the perfect list of rules for remaking his life. But meeting dark-eyed Dawn and hanging out with teen thug Zod are nowhere on that list. And making illegal deliveries definitely isn’t on it. So why is Nick caught up with these people and their dangerous schemes? Will Nick's list help him to be a hero—or turn him into a fall guy?

SNOW JOB left me speechless. It was a perfect blend of contemporary and suspense.

The main character, Nick, was what really drove the story. He was a relatable character. All Nick wanted was to get out of high school, not deal with his so-called friends and have his life mean something. He was a stand-up guy with a very snarky and sarcastic side. When a mysterious girl named Dawn enters Nick's life, it was thrown into a loop. Nick could tell that Dawn was in some sort of trouble. As he got to know Dawn, he had a strong desire to protect Dawn even if that meant dealing with a local drug lord. Helping Dawn was the perfect opportunity for Nick to have his life mean something.

I highly recommend SNOW JOB for fans of contemporary with a flair of suspense. Readers who enjoyed the sarcasm of John Green will definitely love Nick. SNOW JOB will be in your hands March 1st! Less than two weeks, readers. Be strong!

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