Saturday, January 2, 2016

Book Review: The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin

Hi Readers!  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and had a great start to the new year.  TBF is approaching fast and will be here before you know it, so for all you history buffs out there, have I got a book for you; The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin.

We all know the end of Benedict Arnold's story, the betrayal of his nation, however, not everyone knows his life before.  Arnold grew up doing everything he could to redeem his family name, through several businesses and trades, Arnold became wealthy but still felt that he had to do more.  At the beginning of the American Revolution, he joins the Continental army and quickly rises in the ranks.  Arnold impressed higher ranking officers with his tactical genius and bravery.  Willing to do anything to prove his worth, Arnold was at time reckless with his behavior in fighting the British.  Culminating with his traitorous behavior, Sheinkin's action packed book takes readers through the tumultuous life of the historical figure.

I love the revolutionary war era and was very excited to read this book.  Each chapter brought new information not only about Arnold, but the time period as well.  Many historical nonfiction books are very dense and read like a textbook which can be quite tedious, Sheinkin's writing read like a novel, keeping the reader engaged the entire time, making it perfect for people who generally don't like nonfiction.  Every person who picks up this book will love the story and the facts and will find themselves learning things about the revolution that will astonish them.

Nonfiction lovers will definitely enjoy this book, as will readers who branch out when picking it up.  For anyone interested in American history, adventure or the musical Hamilton, The Notorious Benedict Arnold is sure to be the perfect read.

Happy Reading!

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