Monday, January 18, 2016

Author Report: A.S. King

Hands down, there is no question that A.S. King is one of the greatest YA authors to walk this earth. You probably recognize a lot of her novels Everybody Sees the Ants, Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future and her latest release: I Crawl Through It. However (and I know this to be true for myself) there are probably a lot of things you don’t know about A.S. King. So in celebration of her participation in TBF 2016, here is a list of the Top Ten Little Known Facts about A.S. King.

1. She has worked at a wide variety of jobs including not just writer but photographer, pizza delivery girl and even poultry breeder.

2. She had an imaginary friend called Wolfie who was quite fashionably dressed.

3. The A and S in her name stand for Amy and Sarig respectively.

4. She’s seen a ghost before­ or ghost truck, more accurately­ while working as a pizza deliverer.

5. Her favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

6. She had two siblings and was the youngest in her family.

7. She has written a book for adults called Why People Take Pictures that appears in another of her novels. Props if you know which.

8. She first met her husband when she was 17 at a summer camp they both had a job at.

9. She was a victim of bullying in college.

10. Her next book features the story of a girl who learns about herself and her family through three other versions of herself throughout her life. It is scheduled to be published in fall 2016. (Which is only, like, 9 months from now)

Thanks for reading and hope to see you all at TBF!

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