Monday, March 18, 2013

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Hello TBF readers,

For TBF 2013 our fundraiser challenge was to raise $8,888. I'm happy to announce that we did it! Whoo-hoo! Huge thanks to all who contributed to the fundraiser. Now, we can all see Stephanie in a prom dress and sing to the authors at TBF 2013!

Getting back on track, I read the first book in the Touch series, Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz. She is also the author of Blue is for Nightmares series and stand-alone novels, Bleed and Project 17.

Until three months ago, everything about sixteen-year-old Camelia's life had been fairly ordinary: decent grades; an okay relationship with her parents; and a pretty cool part-time job at an art studio downtown. But when Ben, the mysterious new guy, starts junior year at her high school, Camelia's life becomes far from ordinary.

Rumored to be somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend's accidental death, Ben is immediately ostracized by everyone on campus. Except for Camelia. She's reluctant to believe he's trouble, even when her friends try to convince her otherwise. Instead she's inexplicably drawn to Ben...and to his touch. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone calls and strange packages with threatening notes. Ben insists she is in danger, and that he can help – but can he be trusted? She knows he's hiding something...but he's not the only one with a secret.

What an intense and thrilling novel. A new guy at school who might possibly be a psychopath: check. Receiving creepy love tokens from a sketchy secret admirer: check. Have several people on the suspect list who could be the love stalker: check. Deadly Little Secret is the type of book that you promised to read one more chapter and before you know it, you finished. It was brilliantly written. Readers who like to read paranormal, suspense, mystery and romance will love Deadly Little Secret.

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