Monday, December 3, 2012

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger

Sixth grade is a hard year, as Tommy and his friends know, fraught with social and academic problems. Lately, they’ve been asking Origami Yoda, their loser classmate Dwight’s finger puppet, for advice. And almost every single time, it seems that Origami Yoda was right; and Dwight obviously isn’t behind it, what with the way he acts. But Tommy has a BIG question that he needs to know the answer to --- and soon!  So he decides to compile a case file of all the questions asked to Origami Yoda, to see if he should take its advice. What will he decide?

I do not like many middle grade novels, but I absolutely LOVED Origami Yoda. This book is just so much fun! The characters, and the situations, are completely realistic. I originally read this when I was in 9th grade, so middle school was still fresh on my mind, and I loved how the book took me right back to there. Everybody says middle school is horrible, but it really isn’t, and this book really reminds you of it. Sure, there are the minor mishaps that seem like the end of the world, and this book has plenty of them, but Origami Yoda ultimately reminds you that everything will turn out fine in the end. And to top that off, there are sequels! Two of them, in fact. Check back in a few weeks to see reviews of them.

Happy reading!

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