Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fracture by Megan Miranda

I saw this book while browsing on the Barnes and Noble website a few months ago, and thought it looked relatively interesting, so I placed it on my to-read list. When I found out that Megan Miranda was coming to TBF this year, I was excited to find that she was the author of Fracture, and that I would have to read it for this blog!

Delaney was dead; after being pulled out of an icy lake and revived, her heart hadn’t beat in eleven minutes. But somehow she was able to come back to life. Except now, everything is different. She feels fine, but she has so much brain damage that she should be dead. And in addition to being “the girl who lived,” she now is drawn to the dying --- she can’t resist going to those who are in their last moments. So when she meets Troy, who also has the same abilities that she does, she can’t help but be drawn to him, thinking he might have some of the answers to the questions she’s trying to answer. But Troy isn’t all that he seems to be. Should she listen to him, or should she try to figure things out on her own? And on top of that, will her life ever be the same as before?

When I first went into this, I thought it’d be another typical realistic fiction story. But as I got deeper and deeper into it, I realized that it was so much more. Delaney is a cool narrator, and the dynamics between her and her friends and family are really interesting to watch. On top of that is the whole almost supernatural ability that she and Troy have, which I totally did not expect. The added conflict between the two made the whole book more suspenseful too. If you like realistic fiction, I would totally recommend this book --- sure, it does have a bit of non-realistic stuff in it, but overall, it’s a great novel about a girl and her family and friends.

Check back in a while for our review of Megan Miranda’s new book Hysteria which comes out in a few months. Check out her website at <>. I hope you’ll stop by to see her at the festival!

Happy reading!

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