Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday Fun Post: When Meeting a TBF Author...

Hi everyone! It's May already, and although TBF has been postponed, I'm hopeful that we'll all be able to meet our favorite authors sometime in the future. And so today's post will be about just that: meeting TBF authors. Whether you're volunteering or attending, meeting the authors is usually the highlight of the day, so here's some advice from my personal experience!

1. Be an author assistant! Volunteering at TBF is always so much fun, and even more so when you get your very own author for a day. I was an author assistant for Kim Savage in 2017 and Claire Legrand/Roshani Chokshi in 2018, and both years I had an amazing experience! I loved being able to chat with the authors before the day started and during breaks, and it made the whole "talking-with-authors-you-really-love" experience a lot less intimidating and a lot more free-flowing.

2. Don't be shy! And side note: talk with other readers! I've found that standing in line during the autographing session is a great opportunity to meet new people because you already have something in common with everyone else (and books are great discussion topics). Authors are also so down to earth, so don't be afraid to ask questions, take photos, and get your books or bookplates signed!

3. Let the authors know how much their book matters to you! Or how excited you are to read their upcoming works! I guarantee that it will make them smile, and it's also a great way to start a conversation and start asking all those burning questions you might have. I personally love to ask authors about their writing process and book journeys, what they wish they had known when they started writing, and any general advice they have for others.

And of course, have fun at TBF and enjoy the experience because it really is something special :)

This may be my last post, so I would just like to say that I've had so much fun blogging this year! I've read some amazing books so far and look forward to many more!

Best wishes,

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