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Interview with TBF author: Susane Colasanti

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Hello readers!

I'm excited to post the first author interview of the year: Susane Colasanti. She is the author of Keep Holding On, the book Elizabeth reviewed. For more info about Susane's other novels, check out her website.

Miranda Reads: Most of your books are in the contemporary genre. Have you thought about writing a book outside of the contemporary genre?
Susane Colasanti: Not at all. Realistic contemporary fiction is my thing! I love the feeling of totally being able to relate to the story and characters when I’m reading. The books that resonate most strongly with me have characters that feel like they could be my friends. Their life feels like my life. That sense of connection brings a cathartic experience and helps me feel less alone. Historical or futuristic novels could accomplish the same goals, but I don’t seem to relate to them as authentically as books taking place right now.

MR:If you could marry one fictional character, who would it be? Why?
SC: Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders. Because he understands about sunsets and colors and things. Enough said.

MR:I love the chemistry between your characters. Are you a fan of romance novels?
SC: Epic love stories are my fave. I’m obsessed with soul mates. How they feel that immediate, undeniable connection the second they meet. How they can’t stop thinking about each other. How they always find a way to be together in the end, despite conflict. Writing about soul mates just makes me happy. Hopefully, my books inspire readers to believe in true love.

MR: Where do you get your ideas from?
SC: Ideas come from everywhere. Lots of ideas are inspired by my own experiences. Keep Holding On is my most autobiographical book yet. Much of what happens to Noelle actually happened to me in high school. Same with When It Happens. Sara is a lot like my high school self. Including quirky details from real life is always fun. Sara’s stuffed koala bear, Chez, is real. You can find a lot of cool New York City details in So Much Closer and Take Me There that are real. Some ideas come from dreams. The plot of Something Like Fate came to me in a dream. Right when I woke up, I knew I would develop the dream into my next book. The relationship dynamic between Rhiannon and James in Take Me There also came to me in a dream. And of course plenty of ideas come from my imagination!

MR: Sadly, your favorite TV show, The Office, is ending. What are you planning on watching now?
SC: Dude. The end of The Office is so tragic I can’t even. I’m completely in denial. Last season without Michael Scott was not the same. Not at all. I’m scared to watch this season. I don’t have a TV, so I’m always a season behind. But there is a party up in my Netflix queue! I developed an instant addiction to New Girl. Then there’s Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Parenthood (which brings some relief over the tragedy of Friday Night Lights ending), Gossip Girl, Girls, Glee, Fringe, Homeland…so much to watch. Nothing will ever replace the magic of Jam, but I have to move forward.

MR: What author are you most looking forward to meeting at the 8th annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival?
SC: Everyone I haven’t already met! I have serious love for book festivals. Not only do I get to meet readers, which is the best thing ever, but so many amazing authors are gathered in one place. This year’s TBF will be epic.

Thank you Susane for your time to answer some interview questions! The TBF readers, Elizabeth and I are looking forward to meeting you!


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