Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Attendee Experience

Hi everyone! I’m here to tell you about my personal experience attending Teen Book Festival. Last year’s festival was my first and attending it was amazing! I loved all of the workshops I attended for all of the different authors, as they’re all so different from the one you went to before, and all of the authors are such amazing people. A couple tips I have are:

  1. Plan out your day beforehand, so you know which workshops you’d like to attend, their locations, and where authors are having signings.
  2. Carry a schedule and a map of with you as you attend the different workshops around the campus.
  3. Bring some sort of bag, to carry the books you either bought or brought to get signed, as well as some other necessities for the day.
  4. When buying books from the Barnes and Nobles stand, I’d recommend going while a workshop is in session, as during the in between times, as well as right before the signings the store is going to be packed and the lines will be super long.

Overall, the festival is all about having fun and celebrating books, and you can trust me that you’ll love the whole day. Look forward to a few more reviews leading up to the festival in a few weeks!


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