Thursday, May 14, 2015

TBF News


TBF is sad to report that, unfortunately, Sarah J. Maas cannot be with us this year.  Sarah fell while on tour, seriously injuring her knee and she has to get home to see a doctor.  We all hope Sarah is feeling better and heals quickly so she can continue her tour for her now BESTSELLING book, A Court of Throne and Roses!  It hit the list last night!  Congrats to Sarah and TBF hopes that she will be with us for TBF 2016. 
TBF 2015 still promises to be an epic and butt-kicking event with 29 freakin' AMAZING authors coming to spend the day with us!  And Sarah is going to try to record a video that we can share with you during the author sessions with Cinda Willams Chima!
Also you do not want to miss TBF Committee member, Sabrina getting her head shaved at the Opening Author Panel! It's going to be crazy!
Here is the TBF map and schedule in case you missed it!
And I happy to announce that TBF 2016 will be held on May 21, 2016! So mark your calendar readers!
We are all looking forward to see you guys this Saturday! Can you believe?!


  1. I know it's no one's fault, and I really hope she feels better soon...but I've got a non-refundable bus ticket from Toronto and an also non-refundable hotel booked for the night, and I booked the weekend off from work. I've also been looking forward to meeting Sarah for weeks! She was the only person I was going to see, and the whole reason for the trip. I Wasn't looking for simply a signed or even personalized book, but more the few minutes I'd get to have to tell her what her books and characters mean to me in person, not online. Being from Canada, I very rarely get these opportunities. I am extremely disappointed and upset. I feel really bad that she's hurt and I also know that her health is more important. I know I must sound horrible selfish and whinny, and I understand that nothing can be done, I just really want someone to understand how much this event meant to me, and how upset I am now that it is no longer happening.

  2. We totally understand. Sometimes it is really necessary to vent and get things out. We are all very sad that she wasn't able to attend.