Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Review: Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles

Hey readers! Only a little over two months until TBF, and there are still so many books to read! If you're looking for something that's just come out, why not try Jo Knowles' newest book Read Between the Lines?

It all begins with unpopular Nate, who manages to break his middle finger in the midst of gym class. There's Lacy, the "big girl" wondering if she really fits in among all the thin cheerleaders on the squad. And then there's Stephen, who's trying to figure out his feelings for the popular closeted guy he's been seeing. Many others' tales intertwine, revealing the interconnections in a small town, and how everyone's stories are linked.

The essence of Read Between the Lines is really hard to condense into just one review. It's really cool because each chapter is told by a different character of the small-town school that they all attend. But it's not haphazardly thrown together like you might think it is. Every chapter is interlaced with the others so that more is revealed by each character through the others' narratives, little by little. This book truly felt literary, without being stifling or stiff, so it would be perfect for those of you who like not just YA books, but YA lit too. I loved this book -- I managed to read it in only a few hours, which I'm really only able to do with books that really captivate me. I would strongly recommend you check this book out whether or not you like realistic fiction, because you'll be sorry you missed it if you don't!

Happy reading!

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