Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Post TBF 2014

Hello TBF readers!

It's been weeks since TBF 2014 and I'm riding the high from meeting all of these amazing authors and the wild excitement. I mean look at the excitement seeping through these awesome videos and pics!

TBF President Goddess Stephanie Squicciarini dressed up in Steampunk because readers met their fundraising challenge
Photo Credit: TBF Live on Twitter

TBF Author Parade from the POV of excited fan (aka me)

Video Credit: Miranda Reads

The crowd for the Opening Author Panel

Photo credit: Jay Asher on Twitter

Photo credit: BN Pittsford on Twitter

Photo credit: Sue Kowalski on Twitter

Opening Author Panel: Truth or Talent.

Alethea Kontis and Amber Lough sang and while author Jay Asher did a seaweed dance to "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid

Video credit: Alethea Kontis on YouTube

G. Neri and Jay Asher sang and beat-boxed to Selena Gomez's "Come and Get"

Video Credit: Miranda Reads

Lauren Myracle showed us she can still do a hand stand

 Photo credit: TBF Live on Twitter

Author Breakout Sessions

Left to Right: Amber Lough, Cristin Terrill, Michelle Madow and Tess Sharpe
Photo Credit: Amber Lough on Twitter

E. Lockhart and Lauren Myracle
Photo Credit: TBF Live on Twitter

Jonathan Auxier and Aaron Starmer
Photo Credit: TBF Live on Twitter

Gina Damico
Photo Credit: TBF Live on Twitter

Autographing Session

Photo Credit: TBF Live on Twitter

Photo Credit: TBF Live on Twitter

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A HUGE thank you to several people. Thank you to the authors who hopped on planes and drove all the way here to Rochester; you truly made hundreds of readers' day. We hope you enjoyed TBF and would consider coming back again! Thank you to the publishers who sent these amazing authors to TBF; we are grateful that you guys were supporters of this book festival and we can't thank you enough. Thank you to the sponsors; without you there wouldn't be a TBF. Thank you to all of the TBF volunteers; you guys put aside your entire day to make TBF enjoyable for the readers and authors. Thank you to the incredible TBF Committee; you guys put a lot of energy and time year-round into this event. Thank you to TBF President (or Goddess, either one), Stephanie Squicciarini, for shedding blood, sweat and tears and doing this festival for 9 years! And lastly, thank you readers for taking some time out of your day to read the TBF blog.

See you all at TBF 2015!

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