Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello from Miranda!

Hello everyone!
First of all I would like to congratulate Carly, our wonderful TBF blogger, for getting into grad school! We’re so sad that you’ll be away from TBF and we won’t be able to read your blog posts. But we’re so happy for you, starting a new chapter in your life. We hope for the best for you and know that you’ll be greatly missed!
Second, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Miranda, one of the official TBF bloggers. I will be joining forces with Elizabeth, your other fabulous TBF blogger. I’m super excited to be working with her!
I absolutely LOVE TBF as much as you guys do. I look forward to this event all year long as if it was my birthday (I even think that it’s better than my birthday). One thing you might want to know about me is that I’m an inspired writer and I love to read. TBF gives me a chance to meet different authors from all over the country (and sometimes Canada!). I love it when I get the opportunity to ask the author questions about his or her books and for writing advice.
My first time going to TBF was in 2009. This was the year authors like Jenny Han, Sara Zarr and David Levithan were here in Rochester. My mom convinced me to go with her to the festival because I was a living, breathing bookworm. I was amazed by the crowd and how excited they were. One memorable author that made me laugh so hard during the “opening author panel” was our very own TBF “mascot”, Terry Truman. I remember that he had a dressed up zucchini with him. It was really bizarre. It was cool listening to different authors during their “breakout author session” and heard about their inspirations for their books. My all-time favorite event at TBF was the autographing session at the end of the day. All the authors were really nice and upbeat.  It was, also, a huge excuse for me to gush to the author about how much I love their books. After I left, I was too excited for next year’s TBF.
Enough about me, I want to learn more about YOU! Tell me who you’re really looking forward to meeting at TBF 2013 and what TBF book you are currently reading.
Make sure to check out the blog for interviews from the authors, some giveaways and tons of book reviews from Elizabeth and me!
I’m really excited to get to know you guys!

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