Thursday, April 23, 2020

Giddyup for a Great Read

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all staying safe in this difficult time. There really is no better time to escape into the pages of a book if you are longing to leave your house... no need to social distance from your favorite book character! Luckily, I have just the suggestions for you if you are looking for a great read.
Ghetto Cowboy by [G. Neri, Jesse Joshua Watson]
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Ghetto Cowboy, by G. Neri  and illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson, has everything that you could possibly want in a book. A strong and cheeky protagonist? Check. A budding father-son relationship that you will always root for? Check. A wise old man always willing to provide food? Check. A bunch of horses? You bet. Neri's tale has got something special with its narrator. Cole is strong willed, with just enough sass to breath life into his character. You root for Cole as he navigates a difficult situation and attempts to form a relationship with a parent that he never knew. The twelve year old boy, with all of the triumph and the flaws, slowly learning and maturing to wisdom beyond his years is wonderful to trace.
The setting of a horse farm in the city is unexpected, with the flare of wild west welcome in an urban area. Neri breaths life into the scene, painting a masterful picture of a stable in a city and horses in the streets. Of course, Neri doesn't have to rely solely on his words to paint a picture. There are absolutely gorgeous illustrations sprinkled throughout the book, which are a special treat to look at and bring the story to life. Personally, my favorite is the one where Cole is meeting the horse for the first time.
Neri also provided valuable social commentary in his work, using the book to show the difficulties faced by a young boy growing up with a single, working parent. Cole faces adversity with grace and grows through the opportunities provided to him.
I cannot recommend Ghetto Cowboy highly enough. It is filled to the brim and overflowing with heart. If you are looking for a book the will use words to utterly transport you and provide you with amazing characters, look no further. In fact, here is a handy amazon link if you want to go out and buy it right now (because, dear reader, have I every led you astray?).
Stay safe everyone and take some time to read a good book as you wait for summer weather and an end to quarantine.

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